Garth Jones & Dalmas Nelson Best Paper Award:

The Garth Jones & Dalmas Nelson Paper Award is available to current students or recent graduates of the MPA and MPP programs at The University of Utah.  This award recognizes the importance of clear written communication by public servants.  The major criteria for judging submissions are:

  • Clarity of Expression
  • Relevance to public administration or policy
  • Innovativeness
  • Originality
  • Academic quality

2018 Winner: Michael McKinlay

2017 Winners:

First Place: Andrew Hyder (not pictured)

Second Place: Ian Adams (pictured with Mr. Garth Jones)

Garth Jones and Ian PAA

Reed Clegg Fellowships:

The Reed Clegg Fellowships are awarded by an endowment by the Clegg family, in honor of Reed Clegg who was a devoted scholar and public servant.  The awards prioritize students who have shown a devotion to excellence in public service and/or who identify as active in the LDS community.

2018 Winners: Rachel Black, Richard Boomgarden, Cyri Dixon, Joseph Favero, Kelly Jones, Joseph Mbuga, Jolyn Metro, Tiffany Shapiro, Margoth Tello

2017 Winners: (see below; from left to right) Colleen Marshall, Brooke Davies, Lorene Kamalu, Keith Blanc, Jennifer Colby

Not Pictured: Tyler Schilhabel; Kassandra Tello


Homer Durham Scholarship:

G. Homer Durham was a distinguished teacher, scholar, and administrator in higher education.  He was an administrative pioneer to an extraordinary extent.  Among other things, he was first Chair of the Political Science Department and first Academic Vice President at the University of Utah; President of Arizona State University, soon after its transition from a college to a university; and first commissioner of Higher Education for the State of Utah.  He also served a term as President of the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA).

2018 Recipient: Alex Peacock

2017 Recipients: Rocío Torres Mora & Caitlin McDonald

(pictured from left to right)


Utah City Managers Association Scholarship:

The Utah City Management Association awards two scholarships to University of Utah students and two more to BYU students.  The winners of the UCMA Scholarship are expected to attend the UCMA annual Conference in April and participate in the mentoring breakfast.

2017 Winner: Tyson Broderick


The J. Steven Ott Nonprofit Scholarship:

The scholarship is given in honor of Dean Emeritus, and current professor J. Steven Ott for his scholarly contributions and leadership in the nonprofit field.  The scholarship is in recognition of a large number of nonprofit students enrolled in the MPA Program, and of the growing significance of nonprofits in public affairs generally.

2018 Winners: Jeanmarie Meas, Stephany Murguia

2017 Winners: Diedre Schoenfeld (pictured); Amy Stocks & Margoth Tello (not pictured)


JoLyn Brixey Memorial Scholarship:

This scholarship honors MPA alumna JoLyn Brixey who passed away in 2015.  Lolling worked as a public servant for 29 years and came back for her bachelor’s and a master degree later in her career.  She was known as a bright and enjoyable student by her classmates and the MPA faculty and staff.  This scholarship follows JoLyn’s example by recognizing and MPA student who embodies scholarship and engagement.

2017 Recipient: Charie Hallen


The Garth Jones MPA Joint Programs Scholarship:

This scholarship is given in honor of Garth Jones, a graduate of the University of Utah and Professor Emeritus of the University of Alaska.  Dr. Jones has been a long-time supporter of the University of Utah MPA Program.  Dr. Jones helped raise significant funding for the G. Homer Durham scholarship and other scholarships.  This scholarship is awarded to students who have enrolled in one of our many joint degree programs (JD, MSW, MHA, ELP, MPH)

2018 Recipient: Sarah Anderson

2017 Recipient: Rebecca Pipkin (MPA/MPH)


Wendy Rice Staff Award:

Wendy Rice is described as “the glue that held the MPA program together during some very difficult times.”  She served as the MPA Program Manager for ten years (1991-2001) until her sudden demise in 2002.  During that time she endeared herself to students and faculty alike for her warm support and advice and was often referred to affectionately as the “den mother.”  In her memory and in honor of her service, the Wendy Rice Staff Award was instituted and has been given to exceptional staff who exemplify her values.

2018 Faculty Winner: Jesus Valero

2017 Faculty Winner: Sharon Mastracci

Mary Guy Sharon Mastracci Peri Schwarts Shea

2018 Student Winner: Annette Harris

2017 Student Winner: Sheena McFarland


The MPA Civic Engagement Scholarship:

The MPA Program has a long history of graduates who have been involved with, and remain involved with civic engagement and community outreach.  This scholarship recognizes a student who meets this spirit of dedication to the community, an organization and/or causes.

2018 Recipients: Ginger Cannon, Charlotte Hallen

2017 Recipient: Tiffany Shapiro

Thomas H. and Chiyo H. Morita Scholarship:

This scholarship is named in honor of the donor’s parents, who were forcibly removed from their homes and relocated to concentration camps in Delta, Utah, and Minidoka, Idaho.  The internment precluded them from obtaining a college education.  This injustice did not make them bitter, but inspired them to educate their child that justice and freedom are protected by the Constitution.  In appreciation for the extraordinary commitment and efforts of her parents, Renee Morita has endowed this scholarship in their name and memory.

2018 Recipient: Katherine Abarca

2017 Recipient: Jennifer McGrath

Tiffany Bell Stock Memorial Fellowship:

This fellowship honors MPA alumnus Tiffany Bell Stock, who passed away in 2017. Tiffany was an exceptional student. She was talented musically and loved cats and peacocks. Her friends and family developed this fellowship to recognize students who have made significant contributions to the enrichment of the community through public service with their involvement in music, arts, and ethical treatment of people and animals.

2018 Recipient: Andrea Naugle

MPA Emerging Leader Fellowship:

This fellowship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in their studies, work, and community. Recipients demonstrate the potential to continue on a path of public service leadership, both during and beyond graduate school.

2018 Recipient: Kiara Polee

The Eccles Foundation Fellowship:

This award, funded by the George S. and Dolores Doré Foundation, is given to a current MPA student who demonstrates excellence in academics, leadership, and community engagement.

2018 Recipient: Wisam Khudhair