cropped-fullsizerender1.jpgThe University of Utah Pi Alpha Alpha Chapter seeks to provide professional growth and development opportunities for students and alumni throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

What do we do?

We host a number of events throughout the year and are always looking for more ways to add value to this unique community of engaged students, academics and professionals.

320060_403395146426481_1018103750_nWho are we?

Our board is comprised of faculty, graduate students, and alumni from the University of Utah, with additional support  as well a number of active members of the local government and community organizations. Pi Alpha Alpha has a set of academic restrictions as a criteria for induction, but is otherwise open to all applicants with a one-time fee.

What is Pi Alpha Alpha?
Pi Alpha Alpha is the honor society for public administration, it seeks to bring students and alumni together to further the development of public administration through interactions, learning opportunities, and professional development.

Why Join? What can Pi Alpha Alpha do for me?cropped-10420744_742060842559908_6339567086427908799_n1.jpg

Awards received by the University of Utah chapter include:

  • 2001 Chapter Award of the Excellence
  • 2003 Chapter Award of the Excellence
  • 2007 Chapter Award of the Excellence
  • 2007 Faculty Advisor of the Year (Rick Green, PhD)

Individual Awards received by our members:

  • 1994 Scott Holmes, Published in Pi Alpha Alpha 20th Anniversary Volume
  • 1999 April Walters, Masters Student Manuscript Award
  • 2004 Chis Peterson, Published in Pi Alpha Alpha 30th Anniversary Volume
  • 2005 Pitma Booyarak, Doctoral Student Manuscript